Compelling ways to differentiate your premiums

Plug-and-play modules to enhance your health plans and reduce the number and cost of claims.

NABTA's pioneering hybrid healthcare model is built around women and families, delivering better outcomes and lower costs for everyone.

We’re setting a new standard of care for women in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

Woman-centric care

A holistic approach that offers multi-specialty to meet women's nutritional, mental and physical health needs.

Improved outcomes

A dedicated care coordinator and clinical care team, personalised according to women's age, stage and goals.

Fewer claims, lower costs

Proactive and continuous management supports early detection and diagnosis, and reduces long term healthcare spend.

Work with companies to plug essential health gaps

Today, 80% of the UAE's population earns less than AED 4,000 per month, qualifying them for the Essential Benefits Plan. NABTA offers bundled add-ons designed to plug gaps for low-income women, as well as tailored plans for micro-SMEs, self-employed women, and women on spousal or family visas.

Transform your premiums with NABTA

NABTA's comprehensive health plans are designed to plug gaps in the established healthcare ecosystem, providing comprehensive nutritional, physical and mental health support to women who are pregnant, newly postpartum, and perimenopausal.

According to a study by Frost & Sullivan, 97% of women in emerging markets will struggle to conceive by 2032. The average IVF cycle requires women to take 8.7 sick days and 90% experience anxiety or depression. NABTA’s bundled add-ons support women with their mental health through all of life’s most critical moments.

57% of employees are expanding or planning to expand their families, 76% of new parents have frequent sleep problems, and lactation issues affect 3 in 5 women. NABTA’s low-cost subscriptions provide comprehensive prenatal and postpartum support in line with WHO recommendations and global standards.

85% of women going through perimenopause experience at least one of the 35+ symptoms of menopause, 63% say these negatively impact their work, and 30% end up taking time off. With 1 in 4 women entering menopause in emerging markets in the next 10 years, compassionate and personalised support for women navigating menopause is a must.

What clients say about Nabta

"Exciting there is a comprehensive and tech-enabled option that truly looks at women as individuals and holistically. Happy to be a partner with them."

Yasmin, Rise Birth Center

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