women's health

360 health programs to meet your company's needs.
Support for chronic and complex health conditions.
Enabling women at work to realise their full potential.

Nabta's pioneering hybrid healthcare model is built around women and families, delivering better outcomes and lower costs for everyone.

We’re setting a new standard of care for women in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

Woman-centric care

A holistic approach that offers multi-specialty care to meet women's nutritional, mental and physical health needs.

Improved outcomes

A dedicated care coordinator and clinical care team, personalised according to women's age, stage and goals.

Fewer claims, lower costs

Proactive and continuous management enabling early detection and diagnosis, and reducing long term healthcare spend.

Attract and retain female talent by meeting individual health needs and health goals.

Discover health programs that complement your existing health plans with insurance providers, while plugging essential gaps in chronic and complex disease diagnosis and management.

Plug essential health gaps for women in your workforce

Regular health assessments, preventive screenings, and real-time feedback on all aspects of women's health promote industry-redefining engagement and productivity, and drive down healthcare costs.

Did you know?

Provide next generation care using a model that is both holistic and hybrid.

Nabta offers on-demand, 24/7 multi-specialty care for women, and is designed to complement and plug the gaps in insurance coverage, as well as reducing the total number and cost of claims.

An intelligent care coordinator

for every woman

Dedicated, multi-specialty care teams

to support individual goals

Advanced tools & educational resources

enabling remote support

A conflict-free continuum of care

with actionable insights

Discover what partnering with Nabta can do for your organisation

For Employers

Give your employees the care they need using a model designed for them

For Insurers

Extend your plans with modules designed to support women at every age and stage

For Providers

Augment existing clinical pathways with virtual offerings to enhance the patient experience

What clients say about Nabta

"Exciting there is a comprehensive and tech-enabled option that truly looks at women as individuals and holistically. Happy to be a partner with them."

Yasmin, Rise Birth Center

Communities and countries and ultimately the world, are only as strong as the health of their women.

Michelle Obama

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