Better outcomes, lower costs, and fewer claims

Medically inappropriate care and unnecessary interventions cost employers and insurers millions each year.

This has resulted in a mandate from the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) to enforce value- and outcome-based healthcare in the UAE by 2025.

Lack of proper, preventive care results in worse health outcomes for women

“Almost all women living in this region have vitamin D deficiency due to lack of exposure to sunlight ... Unrecognized vitamin D deficiency can lead to fractures, cardiovascular problems and even cancer."

Dr. Humeira Badsha, Consultant Rheumatologist - Dubai

How is NABTA different?

We provide value-based healthcare that prioritises the needs and health outcomes of women over commercial gain, plugging gaps in the existing healthcare ecosystem.

Give your people the benefits they need

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Offer employees the care they need using a value-based model that prioritises them

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Extend your plans with modules designed to support women at every age and stage

I'm a Provider

Augment existing clinical pathways with virtual offerings to enhance the patient experience

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