Attract and retain a more engaged female workforce

Provide next generation care to your female workforce using a model that is both holistic and hybrid.

NABTA offers on-demand 24/7 primary care for women, accessible from home, at work, and in a clinic. Purchase our annual subscriptions and watch rates of absenteeism and presenteeism fall overnight.

An intelligent care coordinator

for every woman

Dedicated, multi-specialty care teams

to support individual goals

Advanced tools & educational resources

enabling remote support

A conflict-free continuum of care

with women at the centre

Transform your company with NABTA

The leading platform for companies in the UAE who put the health of their people first, NABTA empowers HR teams with hybrid, inclusive, and affordable care plans.

Inclusive and equitable care is core to NABTA’s mission and platform. We support women at every age and stage, helping to build a more inclusive environment where women can thrive. From family planning, through pregnancy and parenting, to menopause and beyond, NABTA proactively works to create greater health equity and support for families.

NABTA’s hybrid healthcare platform allows organisations to demonstrate their commitment to investing in their employees as people, understanding that performance in the workplace is directly tied to the nutritional, mental and physical wellbeing of each person. Attracting and retaining talent has never been so easy.

As a multilingual, hybrid, and locally built platform, we offer the same comprehensive, digitally-enabled care to women across the Middle East, Africa and South Asia, taking into account considerations relating to cultural and contextual diversity, as well as disparities in infrastructure, access and education.

NABTA’s goal-oriented support, in the form of multi-specialty care teams, tailored membership benefits, and personalised care coordination, ensure that employees receive continuous, relevant care at each of life’s most critical moments. Our clinical pathways use an augmented intelligence to reduce the risk of misdiagnosis and improve health outcomes.

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For Employers

Give your employees the care they need using a model designed for them

For Insurers

Extend your plans with modules designed to support women at every age and stage

For Providers

Augment existing clinical pathways with virtual offerings to enhance the patient experience

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